Sure Shot Exploding Targets are an all Canadian company. The only company whom have undergone independent testing within Canada. We were the first to produce a Rimfire Sensitive target, the first to produce a colored target the “Blew!” and bring them to the Canadian market the “Rimfire Magnum” and the Blew! Are often imitated but never duplicated by our competitors. If you are going to use exploding targets shoot the original shoot Sure Shot!


Sure Shot Standard 1lb

Our Standard 1lb binary targets are Canadian made, proudly produced in B.C these targets are far easier too see at a distance from any of the competition. We are the only target manufacturer that will Guarantee our product to have a 7 year shelf life on our Center-fire formula if stored properly and to be the loudest, most powerful, most consistent and most consumer friendly target on the market.


Sure Shot Rimfire Magnum

The only company to offer a 1/2Lb .22 LR exploding target called The Rimfire Magnum. This target has undergone full testing in Canada and is proven to be very stable and safe. The Rimfire Magnum needs to be hit by a projectile traveling at least 1000fps and when activated is as loud as 2-3lbs of the other brands. The RimFire Magnum is often imitated but never duplicated by copycat companies. Don’t accept the fakes get the original Canadian Rimfire Target.


Sure Shot Blew!

The Blew! Is the first commercially produced colored exploding target in North America invented and produced in British Columbia the Blew! uses our unique breakaway system along with our Ego Powder the Blew! Leaves a trail up to 50ft in the sky leaving you no doubt that you have hit your target!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Sure Shot Exploding Targets?

A: Our exploding targets are made from mixing two separate chemical compounds and as such are called binary exploding targets. A binary explosive is the product of mixing two components that are not explosive by themselves, but when mixed together become explosive.

Q: How are Sure Shot Exploding Targets different from other exploding Targets?

A: Here at Sure Shot quality and safety are our number one concern. Our product can be divided into three different parts; the oxidizer, the catalyst and the packaging. Oxidizer: Utilizing our oxidizer requires licensing with the ATF and the reason for that is simple, it is of a higher quality than other manufacturers. Our oxidizer is made from E1 grade Prill, which is a blasting grade component. The vast majority of other target manufacturers do not have the licensing required to use the blasting grade oxidizer that we use in our targets. Catalyst: Our catalyst is a special blend mixed in house and is of the same grade as our oxidizer. Many manufacturers use the same generic catalyst blend and for us that was just never an option. We understand that our customers want a product that will function as advertised every time with zero exceptions. We started development of our own catalyst blend because we strive for a quality product and also because we could. You got it, explosives research and development also requires being properly licensed by the government. That is why we can offer our Magnum line which is .22lr sensitive and the loudest binary target on the market. Packaging: Sure Shot exploding Targets carry a seven year warranty if stored properly. At the heart of this warranty is our packaging. We start by measuring both the oxidizer and the catalyst by weight and not by volume. For the customer that means a proper mixture for every target that will yield the same results when used in the same conditions. Our oxidizer is then sealed in a bag and our catalyst is double bagged and sealed for added protection. After that the sealed oxidizer and catalyst is placed in a weather resistant container with instructions and sealed for maximum quality assurance.

Q: What type of targets are offered?

A: Sure Shot Exploding Targets come in three different product lines; Center Fire, Bulk Mix Kits and Magnums. We’ll cover each respective target lines individually.

Center Fire line: The Center Fire line comes in ½ lb, 1 lb and 2 lb containers. Each container is sealed and water resistant for long term storage. Once you break the seal you’ll find a double bagged and weighed portion of catalyst. The Center Fire line requires a center fire rifle caliber of .223 rem or higher for detonation and a minimum range of 100 yards distance between the targets and shooters.

Bulk Mix Kits: The Bulk Mix line comes in 5 lb, 10 lb and 20 lb boxes. Each padded and sealed box contains a sealed canister of double bagged catalyst and instructions detailing proper mixture and safety warnings. The Bulk Mix line also requires a center fire rifle caliber of .223 rem or higher for detonation and a minimum range of 100 yards distance between the targets and shooters.

Magnum line: The Magnum line consists of ½ lb Magnum targets. These two targets utilize the same special catalyst formula, but the packaging is very different and as such we’ll break them down further. ½ lb Magnum: The ½ lb Magnum comes in a container that is sealed and water resistant for long term storage. Once you break the seal you’ll find a double bagged and weighed portion of Magnum catalyst, an instruction sheet detailing proper mixture and safety warnings, and a weighed portion of oxidizer. The ½ lb Magnum can be detonated with the .22lr round or a higher caliber round and requires a minimum range of 50 yards distance between the targets and shooters.

Q: Are Sure Shot exploding Targets legal?

A: A Sure Shot Exploding Target can be broken down to two chemical components. Part one is the oxidizer and part two is the catalyst. The federal government allows the mixture and use of up to 50lbs of our product. Once our targets are mixed they are considered by the ATF to be a high explosive. Users should always mix our targets on site as the targets must be detonated on site. Do not mix Sure Shot Exploding Targets in advance and do not transport, or store them once they have been mixed. Transportation and storing of high explosives requires permits and adherence to strict federal regulations. Users are responsible for knowing their state and local regulations as well as assuring a safe and legal site for detonation. Exploding Targets are now illegal in CA and MD.