The transformation of one of the dirtiest and a most disgusting establishment to what Dik’s Market House looks like today took an extensive amount of work and a lot of care. Some pictures are not posted as they were beyond disgusting and downright nasty. The end result however was quite worth it and we are thankful to everyone that put the effort in and helped make it all come together and proud to be what Dik’s Market House is today.








JANUARY – 2009






MARCH – 2009



APRIL – 2009



MAY – 2009



AUGUST – 2009






Project start: November 27.2008

Nov 27.2008: Took Business over
Nov 28.2008: Made a cleanup plan and started
Nov 29.2008: Created “before pictures” page.
Nov 30.2008: Removed old shelving and counters

Dec 01.2008: Removed more garbage and shelves
Dec 02.2008: Removed shelves, produce case and freezers
Dec 03.2008: Removed bathroom shelves and lots of garbage
Dec 04.2008: Removed more shelves and started on the tiles
Dec 05.2008: Removed all storage shelves and installed deep double sinks
Dec 06.2008: Removed more garbage, picked up new toilet and 2 small hand sinks for the coffee area
Dec 07.2008: Prepared area for removing floor tiles and cleared area to build office
Dec 08.2008: Removed most of the floor tiles and took some more pictures
Dec 09.2008: Removed all remaining tiles and started cleaning walls to start painting
Dec 10.2008: Removed all mold/bleached remains and started building office space
Dec 11.2008: Cleaned minor flooding and completed entire office frame structure
Dec 12.2008: Removed wood panel over cooler, installed drywall and cleaned remaining mold
Dec 13.2008: Prepared office area for electrical installation and arranged plumber for toilet
Dec 14.2008: Completed all electrical for the office and prepared communications ports
Dec 15.2008: Completed all office communications and data outlets and framed bathroom
Dec 16.2008: Installed bathroom plumbing and dry walled office interior/exterior and Cut concrete
Dec 17.2008: Bought hot water tank, office door and completed bathroom electrical
Dec 18.2008: Assessed plumbing and cleaned all windows
Dec 19.2008: Puttied all drywall and installed water tank
Dec 20.2008: Second coat mud
Dec 21.2008: Completed all plumbing including hot water tank
Dec 22.2008: Made tons of calls, viewed equipment at Love’s
Dec 23.2008: Finished tiles in the back and bought Panini grill, seats and dishes
Dec 24.2008: Installing some drains
Dec 25.2008: Prepared office area for door installation
Dec 26.2008: Installed office door
Dec 27.2008: No NADA
Dec 28.2008: No NADA
Dec 29.2008: Ran drainage and buried drains, finished mudding bathroom
Dec 30.2008: Poured concrete in the ground / Installed New security Bars
Dec 31.2008: Final touches on back room, bathroom and office area

Jan 01.2009: Cleaned Panini Grill and Swept floors
Jan 02.2009: Finished all painting in back area
Jan 03.2009: Rewired telephone wires to office and activated internet
Jan 04.2009: Installed plumbing and all security camera wiring in ceiling
Jan 05.2009: Removed ceiling lights, painted bead boards and installed toilet
Jan 06.2009: Painted cooler, sent shelves to powder coat, installed bathroom door. Painted shelf backs
Jan 07.2009: Finished Large sink in back, painted ceiling and finished cooler
Jan 08.2009: Started tiling
Jan 09.2009: Completed all tiles including around sink
Jan 10.2009: Grouted all tile areas
Jan 11.2009: Received security door and breadboard wainscot panels
Jan 12.2009: Installed security doors and cleaned cooler
Jan 13.2009: Assembled storage racks for back area and installed security door handle
Jan 14.2009: prepared wainscot boards for panels
Jan 15.2009: Installed alarm system
Jan 16.2009: Picked up all lighting fixtures with bulbs and tracks
Jan 17.2009: Cleaned up minor and miscellaneous things
Jan 18.2009: Organized business computer data files
Jan 19.2009: Concluded decisions on of leaky wall (shared cost)
Jan 20.2009: Finished measurements for cabinets and delivered pos cash drawers and printers
Jan 21.2009: Got estimates for electrical work
Jan 22.2009: Confirmed cabinets design and started repairing leaky wall
Jan 23.2009: Finished sealing and painting leaky wall and varnished all wainscot bead board
Jan 24.2009: Picked up paint for walls and more lighting
Jan 25.2009: Completed Employee Handbook (Policies)
Jan 26.2009: Touched-up Ceiling Paint and started on store pictures (muffins, cookies and grains)
Jan 27.2009: All day telephone work
Jan 28.2009: Finished frame on raised platform
Jan 29.2009: Cleaned walk-in cooler and prepped windows for bottom bead board wainscot panels
Jan 30.2009: Prepped all areas to start electrical work
Jan 31.2009: Installed all wainscot breadboards for widow bottoms

Feb 01.2009: Picked up miscellaneous materials
Feb 02.2009: Picked up Safe and demonstrated POS system
Feb 03.2009: Started electrical work and security camera wiring
Feb 04.2009: Completed major electrical wire running
Feb 05.2009: Received (Deli cooler, ice-cream, freezer, cooler), more electrical
Feb 06.2009: Installed more electrical outlets and cleaned area
Feb 07.2009: Started lighting installation
Feb 08.2009: Installed 3 of 16 security camera units and configured monitoring unit
Feb 09.2009: Started installing wood panels (top and bottom)
Feb 10.2009: Finished all wood panels and fundamental decorations
Feb 11.2009: Cleaned cooler shelves and steel posts
Feb 12.2009: Arranged deliveries for remaining equipment and credit/debit POS
Feb 13.2009: Arranged for new employees and bought more office equipment
Feb 14.2009: Prepped walls to start painting
Feb 15.2009: installed office IP outlets
Feb 16.2009: Fixed Store heaters and installed more cameras
Feb 17.2009: Viewed POS Demo and submitted 3 poster prints
Feb 18.2009: Tiled entire raised platform and confirmed prints
Feb 19.2009: Finalized store sign design, submitted more poster and prepped walls for paint
Feb 20.2009: Picked up Juice machine, racks, cookie display, wrapper and puttied wall for prepping
Feb 21.2009: Detailed cleaning
Feb 22.2009: Detailed cleaning
Feb 23.2009: Cleaned all vents and prepared deli case for installation
Feb 24.2009: Installed front and back counters and 4 Poster Photos in windows
Feb 25.2009: Adjust back counters, adjusted espresso machine plumbing and fitted storage freezer
Feb 26.2009: Adjusted Side Counters and ran wires through them
Feb 27.2009: Installed power outlets in counter cabinets and sanded and primered all walls
Feb 28.2009: Sanded walls and primered some areas, reassessed sandwich prep area

Mar 01.2009: Painted first coat of paint and varnished bread racks
Mar 02.2009: Painted second coat and got Plexi-glass for light box sign
Mar 03.2009: Picked up pictures and sandwich signs and banners, chose more photos
Mar 04.2009: Painted third coat and finished door/cooler painting
Mar 05.2009: Installed deli cooler, finished wood panels for back of outside pictures
Mar 06.2009: Ran wires for lotto machine, display and checker, finished picture panels, picked slicer
Mar 07.2009: A whole lot of cleaning and more cleaning
Mar 08.2009: Cleaned equipment and mopped all floors
Mar 09.2009: Installed back and coffee area counter tops, picked up sink
Mar 10.2009: Started on deli case electrical and front counter
Mar 11.2009: More electrical, started installing ceiling lights and installed front lightbox sign
Mar 12.2009: Installed front counter top, track lighting, more power circuits and assembled shelves
Mar 13.2009: Tidied up and shopped for miscellaneous items
Mar 14.2009: Cleaned around and picked up some equipment (Bathroom fan and 16 port switch)
Mar 15.2009: Assembled more shelves
Mar 16.2009: Cleaned some ceiling tiles and spoke to many dealers, suppliers and services
Mar 17.2009: Arranged Shelving and prepared sinks for dropping in
Mar 18.2009: Cut counter tops for sinks and rearranged equipment
Mar 19.2009: Installed side light-box signs and arranges shelves
Mar 20.2009: Picked up miscellaneous items and started getting grocery items
Mar 21.2009: Cleaned shelves and stocked most groceries
Mar 22.2009: Did miscellaneous work around the store
Mar 23.2009: Installed coffee center, cappuccino/espresso machine, routed more plumbing
Mar 24.2009: Installed and varnished all front counter panels
Mar 25.2009: Installed all lottery communications, terminals, monitors and displays
Mar 26.2009: Finished all electrical, aligned shelves and finished baseboard trim
Mar 27.2009: Installed POS System on Back Office and started programming
Mar 28.2009: Installed more cameras and backup drive system and did minor touch ups
Mar 29.2009: Added all incoming and outgoing call monitor and recorder
Mar 30.2009: Lots and lots of calls
Mar 31.2009: Stocked coolers with beverages

Apr 01.2009: Arranged Ice-cream freezers and stocked more items
Apr 02.2009: Installed paper towel and soap dispensers
Apr 03.2009: Stocked and priced items on shelves
Apr 04.2009: Installed Cash Terminal 1
Apr 05.2009: Installed all baseboard trims and edge covers
Apr 06.2009: Installed Counter Backsplashes
Apr 07.2009: Started inventory list of items
Apr 08.2009: Took inventory and barcode details for POS and rearranged shelves
Apr 09.2009: More data entry
Apr 10.2009: Data entry and shelf stocking
Apr 11.2009: Stocked shelves, general cleanup and major data entry
Apr 12.2009: More data entry
Apr 13.2009: Dropped off deli slicer to polishing and did more data entry
Apr 14.2009: Data entry and picked up more inventory
Apr 15.2009: Received confectionary order and entered data
Apr 16.2009: Dropped off deli slicer piece, picked up price gun and more data entry
Apr 17.2009: Picked up slicer, new price gun and some data entry
Apr 18.2009: Arranged half of walk-in cooler shelves and more data entry
Apr 19.2009: Picked up more frozen food stock, more data entry and started on POS buttons
Apr 20.2009: Returned damaged and incorrect orders and did more shelves stocking
Apr 21.2009: Met with new suppliers and, did more data entry and POS buttons
Apr 22.2009: Completed most POS buttons and organized some shelves
Apr 23.2009: Met with inspectors (small concerns), picked up more inventory and stocked shelves
Apr 24.2009: Corrected plumbing issues, assigned power panel addresses and did minor data entry
Apr 25.2009: Minor touchups around the store
Apr 26.2009: Did some minor data entry and shelving
Apr 27.2009: Picked up POS printers, met new suppliers, picked up, entered data and stocked inventory
Apr 28.2009: Met with more suppliers and did major web site adjustments
Apr 29.2009: Received more groceries from supplier, priced and did data entry
Apr 30.2009: Data entry, shelving, added security features to web site and improved usability

May 01.2009: Finalized all plumbing. Shelved groceries and did more data entry
May 02.2009: Major Organizing and Data entry
May 04.2009: Inspections, Purchased inventory, ordered more inventories and more data entry
May 05.2009: Dealt with POS, Suppliers and major data entry
May 06.2009: Completed all inspections for city, picked up more inventory and did more data entry
May 07.2009: Data Entry and Shelving
May 08.2009: Entered majority of all merchandise – Still awaiting Old Dutch, Nestle and frozen foods
May 09.2009: Trained on espresso machine, learned lots about coffee from plant to your cup. LOTS!
May 10.2009: Created signature pizzas and did data entry
May 11.2009: Created signature sandwiches, picked up deli meats and tobacco. Did more data entry
May 12.2009: Health inspection – Passed prepared coolers for inventory tomorrow and did data entry
May 13.2009: Final preparations and coordination
May 14.2009: Opened doors for people to come in and observe the store
May 15.2009: First day of business and it went absolutely stunning!