G10 Knuckle Duster

Milled from a single solid piece of high quality G10 Polymer.


Color: Black
Weight: 92.0g
Size: 120mm x 75mm x 13mm
Material: G10 Polymer

— FAQ —


Brass knuckles

40. The device known as brass knuckles and any similar device consisting of a band of metal with one or more finger holes designed to fit over the fingers of the hand. Generally, the outer edges of the brass knuckle will be undulated in order to deliver the kinetic force of a punch through a smaller and harder contact area. Brass knuckles can be made of any type of metal. Typically, but not exclusively, brass knuckles are made with four finger holes, though there are many variations. An example of such a variation would be “half knuckles”, that is, a band of metal with only two finger holes.

41. Brass knuckles can be combined with other weapons such as knives. These ‘brass knuckles knives’ consist of two parts: a knife blade, and brass knuckles integrated into the handle. The blade part does not generally possess characteristics that would make it fall under the definition of prohibited weapon. Rather, it is the brass knuckles handle that will usually determine the knife’s classification as a prohibited weapon. In order for the knife to be prohibited, the brass knuckles part of the knife must meet the definition of “brass knuckles” in the regulations. Therefore, to classify a ‘brass knuckles knife’ as prohibited:

  • (a) the handle must be a weapon; and
  • (b) that weapon must meet the definition of brass knuckles. It is not sufficient for the blade portion of the knife to be designed as a weapon.

Exception: The following goods generally do not meet the definition of prohibited weapon, and thus do not fall under tariff item 9898.00.00. Their misuse may nonetheless be punishable under other laws:

  • (a) plastic knuckles do not fall within the definition of “brass knuckle”;
  • (b) D-guard knives (knives with a hand-guard in the form of a “D”).

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Question : Are these legal?
Answer : Yes, 100% LEGAL because they are made of PLASTIC.

Question : Can I beat someone up with these plastic ones?
Answer : No, that’s assault, a punishable crime. Stupid people use violence because they are too stupid to settle their differences intellectually. Are you one of those BRILLIANT people? {Sarcasm off}

Question : Can I use these for self-defense?
Answer : No, carrying these for the purpose of self-defense means you have intent to harm someone which is also a crime.


Disclaimer: YOU are responsible for your own actions. If you do something idiotic or against the law, you deserve what you get. Be responsible for your own actions and obey the law. Do not break the law. Even if you jokingly mention anything against the law we will NOT be doing any business. PERIOD!