Most people don’t realize the benefits of having spare keys to their home. While we need to be careful about hiding a spare house key, there is no denying the benefits an extra pair of keys offers, especially when we are right in the middle of an emergency.

For your convenience,  almost every key will be done while you wait in store.
Some specialty keys do take longer. All keys are have a money back guarantee!

We service: Households, Window locks, Patio doors, Filing cabinets, Office, Caravans, Cash boxes, Lockers, Cabinets




Q: Do you offer discount on large orders?
A: Yes absolutely. Our store has the ability to offer discounts on multiple orders.

Q: Do you do the fun/color keys?
A: Yes we offer a range of these in our store.

Q: Do you cut the special car keys with buttons?
A: No, you need a specialist or auto dealer who can offer this service for you.

Q: I have “DO NOT COPY” on my key. Can you copy those?
A: Yes we can copy majority of these keys but in some cases there are procedures to follow.
     (These include showing ID and proof of address or provide a letter of authority from the property owner.)

Q: My key doesn’t look like a “normal” key. It has small drill holes in it.  Can you do these?
A: No, you need a specialist who can offer this service for you.