Dik’s Market House is proud to offer our In-House Sharpening Service. When you need to put a brand new edge on your knives, scissors, or fix a chipped blade, we can help. Just bring your knives to our store and our experienced staff members will help re-edge your blade. There’s no need to make an appointment, but do call ahead of time to get an estimate on how long the sharpening will take, as it varies day-to-day. Our Sharpening Service is available in store only.


The advantages of a sharp blade for cooking, landscaping or cutting paper cannot be understated. Using a dull blade to cut an object requires more force from you, which can increase the chance of losing your grip on and control of the knife. It takes just an instant for a dull blade to miss its intended target and to cause major injury. Regain control over your kitchen, office and landscaping tools today by bringing your blades in for Sharpening. If you have something special that you need sharpened, please email info@diksmarkethouse.com with a photo of your item, or ask one of our store associates. Once we determine if we can sharpen it, we’ll give you a quote.


Our Prices


    Blades over 5 inches     $5.00 EA

    Blades under 5 inches    $5.00 EA

    Bread Knives (de-burring only)     $9.00 EA

    Folding & Fixed Sporting Blades     $9.00 EA


    Axes     $20.00 EA

    Chisel     $5.00 EA

    Garden Shears     $10.00 EA

    Sewing/Kitchen/Barber     $8.00 EA

*Scissors must be able to open to 90° or more, or detach into two pieces.



How do I get my knives sharpened/repaired?
Just bring your knives to our store!


What is the best way to transport my knives?
If you are bringing them into the shop, wrap them in towels, newspaper, cardboard – anything that will protect the blades and you! If you are bringing in a lot of knives, after wrapping, place them in a box.


How often do knives need re-sharpening?
This is an impossible question to answer. How hard you strike the cutting board with each cut? What the knife is made of? How addicted are you to extreme sharpness? How the knife is being honed and how the knife is stored are all factors that affect the answer.

The best answer is once the knife stops performing as you like bring it in for sharpening. I believe in periodic knife maintenance just as I believe in changing the oil in my car. If you don’t know how or couldn’t be bothered to sharpen knives yourself then find someone whom you trust to do the job.