With a private mailbox at Dik’s Market House, you get a convenient location in the Coquitlam Center area, easy access, professionalism and other services to help run your business or personal life more efficiently. Discover the benefits of a having a private personal or business mailbox with us at Dik’s Market House today!



One of the main reasons to use a Mailbox service is for Personal Privacy. If you have the need of receiving your mail privately to keep your correspondence confidential or maybe moving to a different place and you don’t have an address to receive your correspondence. Perhaps you’re renovating home and need to be away from it during that time, we can provide you with a location to receive your correspondence, hold it and forward it to anywhere wish.

If moving to Canada and need to obtain a real street address before coming in the country, we give you a real street address that allows you to receive legal documents, immigration papers and any other correspondence while you are outside Canada. What if it is difficult times or going through a divorce which is a hard enough process. Keeping your correspondence private is very important, legal correspondence, financial and banking information etc.

Dik’s Market House allows you to do so, to keep everything confidential and easy to access for you with privacy and support.



Be secure that you can pick up your mail when it is convenient for you at your private mailbox. A Coquitlam street address less than a block from Coquitlam Center Mall provides a professional image for your business using us as your virtual office.  Your mailbox rental Dik’s Market House  is more than just a box, it’s a solution!



  • A P.O. Box is only good for mail. You cannot send a FedEx, UPS, or other carrier package to it
  • May need to be home to sign for a FedEx/USPS/UPS package
  • Search engines rank businesses with physical addresses, higher than businesses with a P.O. Box
  • P.O. Box does not notify you when packages arrive
  • You cannot call the Post Office to see if your P.O. Box has received mai



We accept packages from all carriers and couriers, so you will never miss a delivery. (Canada Post P.O. Box accepts only Canada Post mail and does not sign for your packages.  The Canada Post Postal Service will NOT accept UPS, FEDEX, DHL or other private couriers). We will hold your packages in a secure location for pick up at your convenience or forward them to you, wherever you are. (** additional fees may be applied for storage). Mail forwarding is done on the schedule of your choice.



Your corporation’s identity begins with your mailing address. How do you receive your mail and packages? Many businesses start out using their home address or a P.O. Box when they do not have a physical office location.

Dik’s Market House gives you the ability to use our mailing address for all your mail and packages whether personal or professional. By using our address, you begin the branding of your company with the perception of having a physical office. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about important packages being delivered when you are away on vacation or meeting with clients. Dik’s Market House’s mail box services are in Coquitlam within close proximity to Coquitlam Center Mall.

Our mailbox option accepts packages up to 50 pounds on behalf of clients and holds them at our convenient location until you are able to collect them.



To move personal mail to a corporate address, Canada Post requires that you contact each mailing entity separately and notify them of your change of address. A little more work to get set-up, but after you’re done, you never have to think about stopping your mail when you go on vacation!

(NOTE: A Canada Post change of address form does not work to move all your mail to your new mailbox)

The fee for receiving packages is based on cubic size of your package.  Package fees range from $4 for small packages and up to $20 for large packages.  The fee for storage is $2.00 per day for 15 days and $30.00 per month. We accept everything from small parcels up to tires and larger items.  If you wish to order online and have your order delivered to Dik’s Market House for pickup, just send it in the following format:


(Applicant/Business Name)
Suite XXX
100 2918 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P5


(Applicant/Business Name)
P.O. Box XXX
100 – 2918 Glen Dr.
Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P5



Town Center is the urban core of Coquitlam, pictured from a municipal presentation, there has been several additions of high rises since and has been growing steadily.


There is a large diverse selection of people of many backgrounds and ethnicities. But above all WE ARE ALL CANADIAN first and foremost and we can’t and should not and will never forget that. Canada comes first no matter what happens.


Us at Dik’s Market House believe in people helping people which comes by first people being responsible for themselves and reaching out to help others do the same so we have a better, stronger and a safe community. 





The City of Coquitlam offers emergency preparedness seminars to help residents and businesses become better prepared for a major emergency. Are you prepared for an emergency by being responsible for yourself and your family?

Give yourself, your family and the community the greatest gift of all by being responsible enough to be able to take care of yourself and possibly the ones you love and care for.


Click here to enroll for the free class










The United Parcel Services or UPS, the largest parcel service company in the world, provides all of its customers with a feature known as UPS tracking that enables the customer to track their shipment while it is on the move. The customer can stay informed about the delivery, about its status, if there will be any delays or any changes in route, how much longer it will take to deliver and if it will waver from its originally prescribed time and finally about the delivery of the shipment to the desired destination.

The UPS Tracking method is extremely convenient and easy for customers to keep an eye on their shipment. If the customer is sending multiple UPS small package shipments, then he or she can track up to at least 25 of them at the same time by using a single e-mail. A customer can track their shipment on UPS by making use of the various tracking options provided by the service.

The first thing to do is for the customer to register to UPS and create an account. This way, he or she will be able to start using UPS services to their fullest. Sending shipments will be made simpler and in order to track their shipments, the customers will be given something known as tracking numbers. These numbers are highly useful and are the most important aspect to UPS tracking.


Follow good packaging practices before shipping any of your packages:

. Use corrugated boxes, which are in good condition
. Don’t the corrugated boxes which are already used
. Assure that the corrugated box contains good cushioning and bracing, before shipping
. See if the flaps of the box are intact,if not it might cause some damage to your shipment
. For shipments which include pallets, ascertain that the pallet is steady and strong
. Wrap all the contents of your package tightly to the pallet
. If using an already used pallet, make sure that all the labels on the package are removed
. Label each and every pallet of shipment with your detail info, telephone, address etc.


. Maximum weight of the package can be up to 70 kg
. A package can be up to 419 cm with length and girth combined
. Maximum length of the parcel can be 270 cm
. Packages exceeding specified dimensions are subjected to additional pricing.



You can track a mobile shipment by making use of the following options.



A customer can track his or her UPS shipment using UPS Tracking- Track by Number option. As soon as a customer makes use of UPS to send across a delivery to a destination he or she will be given a tracking number (a number each for how many ever deliveries the customer makes, provided they are small). The customer can simply enter the tracking number in the required space and then see the description of their shipment and its status. In the case of Multiple shipments, he or she can list up to 25 tracking number or InfoNotice numbers at the same time and track these shipments simultaneously.



A customer can track his or her UPS shipment using UPS Tracking- Track by Reference option. He or she can choose what type of shipment they opted for, Package, Freight, or Mail Innovations and then enter the shipment reference. Then, the customer has to choose the date range (the estimated time of the shipment to the time of its delivery according to its reference) and enter the same. Then the customer has to enter his or her Shipper Account followed by the destination of the shipment delivery (customer has to choose a country). The last thing to do is enter the destination postal code.



A customer can track his or her UPS shipment using UPS Tracking- Track by Email option. When a customer creates an account on UPS, he or she will be required to provide their email information. This way, tracking shipments on UPS is simple. A customer can send the UPS tracking number to totaltrack@ups.com and get the response required about the details of their shipment on the move. In the case of multiple shipments, the customer has to enter the individual tracking numbers in the body of their email and get the details accordingly. They can track up to 25 small package shipments at the same time. The UPS Track by Email option is not available for Freight shipment.

A customer can also import tracking numbers on UPS provided he or she has an account on the official United Parcel Services website. The customer can also go to the UPS tracking options and select the SMS tracking option. The customer has to select the Notify me with Updates option and track their shipment easily on just their smartphones. The customer has to confirm the above-mentioned options and he or she will start getting SMS messages related to their shipment status and details while it is on the move. The customer has to message the tracking keyword and the tracking number to his or her country SMS number and get notified with their shipment details using UPS Tracking.