Locally owned and operated, we are a Company that at the top of the list is the fact that our staff likes the people they work with. People at Dik’s Market House become so much more than colleagues – they become good friends. We encourage a team atmosphere and it means people are friendly, helpful and easy to get on with. We are a success story!



We look for people who take pride in their quality of work, and their personal values have excellence, confidence, integrity and dependability as well as a passion for working with a team and helping people. These are some of the values and characteristics that we look for in our job applicants and expect of and from all our employees. Do you have what it takes? If so, you will love the working with us!



Use the link to download the application form, print and fill it out entirely. Attach your resume to the application and send it to us by uploading them through our contacts page, by email or fax . Alternatively, you can mail or drop them off in person at our store in Coquitlam.



     .  Check that you meet the eligibility requirements for the position
     .  Start with the first page and proceed through every page in order
     .  Be open and honest in all the answers that you give
     .  Take your time to fill in answers to all of the questions
     .  Make sure all the information is accurate, especially contact details
     .  Submit your application only when satisfied and you have answered all questions



After receiving your application, it needs two days to process. We review all applications. You will be notified as soon as possible for an interview,. If not selected; we usually do not send a rejection notice. 

We place a high priority on a thorough recruitment process therefore we try to engage the right candidate for the right position the first time. For this reason, we use personality tests. We make the final decision based on these results regarding which applicant should be offered the position.